Discipleship House,

We are a christian halfway house that believes in the Holy Trinity. Though we are non-denominational we do teach about God's love and grace. We do this in a classroom setting, in small groups.

Each man that comes into our facility is presented the gospel in our Salvation class which is led by a certified addiction counselor. He explains how sin had used our addiction to take us further away from God's love. This class is the pivotal point for each man at the house because he is given the choice to either accept his plan of salvation or to reject it.

Once the individual makes the decision to allow Christ into his heart he is then allowed to advance into the Discipleship class where the spiritual leader takes the men deeper into the bible by teaching what it means to be a man after God's own heart.

Although we are a Christians as leaders we don't deny anyone the chance to recover at our facility. We attend secular twelve step meetings throughout the week and we attend a progressive church in Fort Lauderdale called Church By The Glades. We want everyone to feel welcome at the Discipleship House and do not expect everyone to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. We just want to be effective at relaying the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and helping our fellow brothers recover from the disease of addiction