As I look back on my life I see God's hand from the very beginning. I was adopted into a loving family who provided all my needs. God was in our home and I was taught about Jesus from the very beginning. But as a teenager I rebelled against God and my family. I quickly became an alcoholic on a path to destruction. I was in bondage to alcohol for eighteen years.
During that time, I went through many near death experiences where God protected me. God was faithful to me even though I was not faithful to Him.
My alcoholism landed me in a Christian treatment center, Dunklin Memorial Camp, for a year where I learned to be a man. However, after leaving I didn't seek a support group to help me maintain sobriety in the world. Within a month I was drinking again and the nightmare of my alcoholism was worse than ever before.
After my third DUI I was sentenced to jail for a year with the addition of a mandatory stay for another six months in a county treatment facility. While in jail I came face to face with Jesus and surrendered my life to Him. I was finally willing to let go of my agenda and follow His agenda and follow Him where ever He might lead me.
Once I had completed my sentence and returned to life adjustment was not easy. However, I was determined to follow through with my commitment to total surrender to God. I listened to the counselors at the treatment center and sought a support system. I attended twelve step fellowships regularly where I meet a sponsor that supported me as I adjusted to my new life of freedom from alcohol. I also attended church regularly where I began to grow spiritually through the study of Gods word. As I grew I began to reach out to others. I brought meetings into treatment centers and even taught the twelve step program in the jail I had been in. I started new meetings and even lead a home church in my small apartment with the men I was mentoring.
From there God lead me to open my one bedroom apartment to a man that was having difficulty maintaining his sobriety. This experience lead me to develop a program that I called Discipleship 101. He did well so after he completed the program I took in another man, he did not do well and I became discouraged. However the Lord opened another door, my neighbor offered me the use of her house where I could expand my dream to help men live a life of sobriety. After much prayer and council I opened what is now known as the Discipleship House. The Lord continued to open doors. An apartment complex became available where I can now help even more men.
Others came into my life that have helped me to expand the opportunities I can offer the men in recovery. I am now able to provide a higher level of care through a Christian treatment center.
My prayer is that the men who come to the Discipleship House may experience a relationship with God and receive total restoration in the lives.